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I have a well-rounded background in the art of metal welding after completing an extensive curriculum at the Modern Welding School in Schenectady NY in 1973.

I have a number of years experience as a certified welder in various processes on a range of metals. My experiences include bridge work, numerous nuclear application projects requiring a high degree of precision welding, US Navy projects, Canadian Air force projects, Department Of Transportation projects, Dairy and Chemical industry applications as well as sculpture work and artistic application development.

After spending many years as an employee to others, I decided to start my own business. In 1987,
Haas Welding Services was established.

I am expanding to include Metal Crafts which will provide more creative and unique bodies of work.


Botanical Rail wind guide  BotanicalFountain 

Frog Hinge 


 I am proud to offer my experiences, creativity and services to you.